Submission Guidelines


Dragibus Magazine is a full color print quarterly on the botany, cultivation, history, and usage of medicinal and entheogenic plants. We welcome submissions that relate to medicinal and entheogenic plants; their cultivation, identification, historical and cultural usage, art, folklore, and their related compounds. We do not accept previously published work, unless specifically requested.

We are seeking article on subjects such as kambo, traditional Cannabis and/or tobacco substitutes, Iboga, mushrooms (psilocybin and/or others), essential oils and aromatic herbs, obscure DMT and/or MOAI containing plants, opiod containing plants and more. We are also interested in high resolution photos of medicinal and entheogenic plants, in habitat or cultivated, visionary art, and artifacts related to plants and culture.


Our article length ranges from 500-word sidebars and columns to 10,000+ word full-length features. We consider focused subjects that fall within the general range of medicinal, ethnobotanical, and entheogenic interests, such as: medicinal usage of entheogens, cultivation of rare or difficult species, herbal brewing recipes, and entheogen inspired art. Being a glossy, full color magazine, the submission of photographs with an article is highly recommended, but not required.

All submissions and submission inquiries should be sent to

Submission deadline for the upcoming Fall issue of Dragibus is December 15th, 2016.

Dragibus Magazine