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Plant Medicine and Mysticism The newest issue of Dragibus is available for order now! This issue of Dragibus features an article on Trichocereus Potency, a collection of Pre-Columbian Snuff Antiques, a look at a Witching Ointment from Southern Italy, and much more...
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We have added a supplement to our article 'Shamanistic Art of the Americas' with additional pictures, as well as a lecture from Dr. Katherine MacLean 'Finding the Jaguar Within: Psychedelics, the Brain and the Shamans's Journey' You can check it out here: Shamanistic Art of the Americas

The first four issues of Dragibus are now available in digital (pdf) format.

Purchase a digital copy today for $2.50, or get the whole first year for just $8! Or purchase print editions of the first year for $30 ($40 international). Click here for more information.

Dragibus is a quarterly print publication on the botany, cultivation, history, and usage of medicinal and entheogenic plants.

Check out a review of the first issue from World Seed Supply. Be sure to check out the rest of their blog while you are there; it contains a wealth of cultivation and plant care information.

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