2017 Spring Plant Sale

General Plant Care

Calea zacatechichCalea zacatechichi – Calea is an easy to grow and low maintenance plant that is great for inexperienced gardeners. Prefers a sunny position with plenty of water, but is drought tolerant. It is also frost tolerant, but extended cold can kill the plant.

Salvia divinoriumSalvia divinorum – Salvia divinorum plants grow best in light shade and filtered sunlight. Prefers rich, well draining soil and does not like keeping its roots wet.





Phalaris Grasses – The Phalaris grasses are mostly the same cultivation-wise (except some are perennial and others are annual or biannual) and here is a pretty good write-up about a close relative: https://www.worldseedsupply.com/tag/cultivation-of-phalaris-arundinacea/

Acorus calamus (Sweet Flag) – Sweet flag is a grass-like, rhizome forming, perennial that can grow to 6 feet high, resembling an iris. This species inhabits perpetually wet areas like the edges of streams and around ponds and lakes, in ditches and seeps. It often shares habitat with the common cat-tail.

Heimia salicfolia – Easy to care for and prefers to be well watered.  Can handle full sun, drought conditions, and light frost.  Enjoys a large pot where its roots can spread, often times being the same size as the above ground plant.

Valerian officinalis – Valerian grows best in moist conditions and a sunny location.

Trichocereus species – Trichoceeus are very tolerant plants which are easy (and fast) to grow. They are best cultivated in a loose, good draining and fertile soil mix where nutrients are released slowly. I have good results with a soil mix of 50% regular potting soil, 25% grit or Perlite and 25% compost (worm casting, manure, or homemade compost). Trichocereus pachanoi needs a regular watering during the growing season and occasionally (approximately each 2 months) some extra liquid fertilizer.